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Design concept Desert Ma along from generation to champion "original inhabitants INDIGENOUS", and therefore the body of a brown horse presented; shoes with classic Desert Boot design, shoes are leather material to build, and with reference to the traditional saddle and riding boots totem embroidery craft the "original inhabitants" in the race for the wild attitude faithfully rendered. Desert Trek design places another Hong Kong Horse of the Year "Fairy King Prawn Fairy King Prawn" inspired hair like designer horses jujube body hair color and black tail hair into the Desert Trek design, using high-quality Su horse hair material and leather uppers build, and lace holes above particular put gold, to commemorate this horse was the first overseas-level tournament ? late Hong Kong Horse of the Year.NBA power adipower Howard exclusive boots Howard players listed in November 1st to build the rule, for that, "the greatest hero in the world" Howard writing a legendary battle magic matchless in the winter. as the end of 2011 the last, with the new boot jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black s adipower Howard performance as just the end of the Howard 3D Chinese for the birth of its name, from the inside to the outside by the water power. At the same time, as a sneaker designed for an insider, it is much more important to make a player feel more comfortable at the foot of the game than to make them faster. (responsibility editor: Zhao Yongjie) this article recommends me for news error correction at the beginning of the year to offer a new air Pippen after 6. Brand is also not forget series originator air Pippen 1. At the end of 6 shelves white version after, overwhelmed by the official will be back to the classic black and white color, full palm visible Max cushioning, detail of vamp waves, mini of the swoosh, and black and white red tone modification are so familiar. Shoes are now for sale, No. 325001-061. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: sneakernewsAnna Sui ( Anna Sui ) brand introduction:As the third generation of Chinese immigrants Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) was born in 1955 in the United States Detroit, father is a structural engineer, mother is a full-time housewife. A student, Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) from the magazine often will cut out some pictures collection, and the dream of the future set in the fashion design.The last century 70's, Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) to New York Parsons School of design, fashion design, but she had only one year, second years and dropped out of school. Her reason was that the school curriculum is very boring, but also a waste of time. Out of the school gate, Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) to Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale a women's apparel company assistant. Although the company after a year and a half closed, but Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) are therefore familiar with the fabric market, she knew where to find the best materials, and what is the best price.After 5 years, Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) " job-hopping " much home company, learning a variety of apparel design and fabric knowledge. In 1980, she made 4 clothing, and display in the clothing store. Soon, she received orders from the famous Messi and Brown Ming Dale department store, " Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) " the brand began to establish a reputation.The 80's of last century, world of fashion design to meet the great change, it was whether in formal banquet or on other occasions, people no longer from head to foot wear the same designer clothing. Soon, fashion retro style in vogue. Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) aware of her opportunity: "I immediately felt, this is my good design, I believe I will be lucky. "In 1991, Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) published the first fashion show, which opened its first boutique in New York. In 1996, Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) set up Asia's first boutique in Tokyo, and a purple whirlwind in japan. Shrewd Japanese from Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) see an opportunity in the style, Isetan group eventually and Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) to reach an agreement, authorized the Albion company developed Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) brand cosmetics. In 1998, Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) was born in Japan cosmetics.Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) products is extremely confusing, regardless of clothing, accessories or make-up, can let a person feel a kind of eye-catching, almost glamorous color shock. Fashion so called her "New York magician ". She is best at finding inspiration from the chaos of the art forms, odd and decadent works show rock music. Today in advocating minimalist, Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) against the current, design is full of ri cheap air jordans online ch colors and beautiful retro style luxury. But Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) is gorgeous yet practical clothing, it can make a stylish urban women to play their own creativity, Xpress portfolio, to demonstrate the unique charm.Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) fashion with a unique temperament thick retro atmosphere and gorgeous luxury, bold and slightly rebellious, embroidery, lace, hot drilling, embroidered beads, fur all gorgeous Art Deco set in the design of her, she formed a unique witch psychedelic magic style.Started from the make-up, Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) has in recent years launched a perfume, skin care products and other products, more and more complete product line. In addition to dark purple, Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) products are increasingly diverse colors, such as honey fruit series of skin care products, Golden packaging bottom makeup series, whitening series products. But Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) of the purple preference is still everywhere, she used a lot of purple, red, black makeup and clothing in, the counter is also a rich dark purple, all like being immersed in the purple romantic.Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) of the product packaging is usually her favorite flower is the rose theme, the mysterious purple with black pattern, and contains a natural fragrance. Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) in my opinion, these fun and fascinating colors of make-up series, whether cosmetic or containers are very cute. She said: " I believe that their one one collection arrangement, will become a kind of fashion. "??designer Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) introduction:Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) we generally put the designer's name translated into Anna Sui, in fact, Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) of the Chinese and English names and not, her name was Na Shimi, although is third generation Chinese American, but her mother is Shanghai people, father is Cantonese, so Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) is a one hundred percent chinese. After decades of struggle, today's Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) is one of the hottest fashion figures in the world of the United States of america. Keep the kid a flower head, round face, black hair, beam fairly Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) appearance is quite a sense of the East, but the background of American life made her bones had been very international, this from Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) can be seen in the character of the personal independence of conduct, also from Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) show design works. Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) said: " my parents very westernized, no Chinese style furniture home. I did not grow up in the Chinese cultural atmosphere, but acquired through contact and learning. I love to watch Chinese movies, where I can learn more nutrition to enrich my design. "Background: and many pieces of figures, Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) in childhood to reveal the extraordinary design talent, one of the things she likes most is the doll clothing their children and neighborhood children, as they dressed. Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) design talent may come from genetic mother's art, her mother had studied Arts in Paris. In the first stage, Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) is a scrapbook, which stuck to their own " masterpiece ", she also called the " genius files ".The little girl later entered the United States famous Parson School of design, found his like-minded partners there, this is Steven Meisel ( Steven Meisel ), two people cooperation of Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui ) is the key to the business development.??Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) brand archives:Chinese Name: Anna SuiEnglish Name: Anna SuiCountries: the United States of AmericaCreate age: 1980Product categories: ready-to-wear, accessories, clothing and make-up seriesFounder: Xiao Zhimei ( Anna Sui )Company headquarters: the United States of New YorkAnna Sui ( Anna Sui ) fashion design style: sweet dream, obvious Bohemia and hippie style, humorous, rock style, the nostalgic feeling.Anna Sui ( Anna Sui ) make-up features: stylish retro, give a person with the mystery and magic feeling; packing is both beautiful and elegant, like the ancient lacquer, have value of collection; texture and make-up double-effect and. The product has the rose flowers.1 strategic contraction, cash first at present, no matter what new initiatives, judging from the key dimensions of the profit and cash, will continue to decline, so is the first choice to live. Carefully, ensure cash flow, the area of deep plowing, will become the inevitable choice of footwear retail entity. 2 cost control, efficiency optimization revenue is difficult to increase the case, labor costs, operating expenses and other cost control has become an inevitable requirement. On the other hand, it will give rise to new management mode, the development of new technology, intelligent technology and improve the efficiency of management changes. 3 local innovation support the new brand, extending downstream, the development of new forms, such as local terminal partnership venture innovation will occur in different enterprises in different degree, the footwear industry will converge gradually clear direction. 4 external cooperation Baotuan heating seek external cooperation, including strategic alliances, joint procurement, professional organizations and so on, also may through various Baotuan heating, enhance their own benefit. National Alliance, regional Federation and other organizations may obtain a certain degree of development. 5 organizational change shoes retail organization in the industry will change, learning and exploration industry was forced to test the water, because of low efficiency and cost improvement over the organization, a similar partnership, small organization, project system, temporary system and other forms will become increasingly widespread. The main push or cost pressure! 6 smart retail the wisdom of retail has emerged, but in hardware, software, connection and operation has not been established completely Internet based system, the whole value chain, data acquisition, link interoperability logic and intelligent decision-making also needs a long accumulation. 7 and the importance of customer return to the commodity nature of so far, a lot of shoes retail, including terminal form, product category, core competitiveness and so on, but the lack of business roots, future, shoes retail to chongke era! Especially the development of large data areas. 8 into the community development community store community stores will have more realistic choice, the combination of online technology pan district business will be well developed, shop or a plurality of category assembling boutiques will be the main form of the. 9 deep channelpremier-nike-sb-dunk-high-petoskey-10.jpg (186.13 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-18 10:53 upload premier-nike-sb-dunk-high-petoskey-9.jpg (252.57 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-18 upload 10:53 premier-nike-sb-dunk-high-petoskey-4.jpg (262.32 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-18 10:53 upload premier-nike-sb-dunk-high-petoskey-1.jpg (257.25 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-18 10:53 upload premier-nike-sb-dunk-high-petoskey-7.jpg (233.11 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-18 10:53 upload premier-nike-sb-dunk-high-petoskey-6.jpg (197.6 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-18 10:53 upload premier-nike-sb-dunk-high-petoskey-5.jpg (190.17 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-18 10:53 upload premier-nike-sb-dunk-high-petoskey-8.j0